Westdale Spreads Wings and Launches Permanent North East Division

Westdale Services have cured fuel poverty in areas across the nation – including in the North East – but following UK Government amendments to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, the NE regional office was shut down and contract management was moved to the head office in Doncaster to weather the storm.

Following the recent award of a substantial contract win in Craghead, County Durham, the depot is up and running again and searching for new premises.

AJudeAs a result of the contract win and positive uptake of the Green Deal by local residents, Westdale are now in a position to dig a more permanent footing and to demonstrate, have recently appointed Andrew Jude as the NE region’s manager.

Andy, an employee of Westdale for a number of years, commented, “I am very excited to be working back in the North East.  I have been given the regional division and theopportunity to grow the client base to suit the Westdale business model and so far it’s going great.  It’s also a major bonus for me being back near my home in Sunderland.  I now get to spend more quality time with my family whilst also getting the job satisfaction I crave”.

Andy is an ex-policeman who has always had a keen interest in construction.  After carrying out multiple successful modifications and extensions to his own homes over the years, Andy decided this wasn’t enough and got a position as an operative on one of Westdale’s Durham County Council contracts.  This didn’t last long, though, as Andy rose through the ranks and lodged in Doncaster for a number of years before gaining his new position.

The new contract will transform the village of Craghead, County Durham.  Westdale have previously installed EWI to well over 100 private properties in the village and the new contract will mean that the whole immediate area will have been treated.

The team at Westdale wish Andy every success in his new role.


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