Team at Westdale forms Cycling Club

The full team in Bridlington where the sun shone for their arrival.

Inspired by a former employee last year Westdale ran a charity cycling event on the famous ‘Way of the Roses’ route (read more about the event here).

Following the great success of the ride many of the novice participants continued with their new found cycling hobby and completed many more daring rides over more challenging terrain. One thing gradually led to another and before we knew it half the office and several of the site operatives were out together on training sorties, several times per week. At this point it seemed logical to make it official and form a cycling club.

Backed by the board, an official club has now been set up on the popular social network and training/tracking aid, Strava.  Anyone either directly or indirectly connected with Westdale are welcome to join and are encouraged to cycle, record and improve their general fitness.  There is no cost to membership and all ages and abilities can join.

Some members have already foregone their usual fuel-guzzling, polluting means of commuting and ridden to and from work, whereas others have attended lengthy sorties on weekends.

We hope many more UK companies will take a proactive approach to maintaining a healthier, happier workforce.

Weekly club statistics can be viewed on our home page.

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