Rykneld Homes Regeneration Scheme

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 Project Case Study: Eco-Refurbishment of 330 ‘non-trad’ REEMA Properties
EWI, Roofing & Glazing, Canopies, Roofline works & Rainwater goods.
Client: Rykneld Homes Ltd, Derbyshire
Start & Completion: June 2015- Jan 2016.
ECO funding Partner: EDF Energy

Westdale Services Ltd (WSL) were awarded the prime contract to deliver a regeneration scheme to 330 non-traditionally constructed REEMA PRC properties. The works made provision for External Wall Insulation to all properties, the replacement of 200 new roofs, and 150 new glazing systems, soffits, fascias, rainwater goods etc. Westdale coordinated the delivery programme, completed in a challenging 7 month period, ahead of time, and on budget, and delivered over four discrete locations.

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As prime contractors, WSL performed the duty holder roles of ‘Principal Designer’ and ‘Principal Contractor’ under the CDM regulations 2015, managing the delivery of a number of supply chains and sub-contractors. However, around 75% of the contract was delivered directly by Westdale personnel; in our experience, by directly retaining our workforce, we are able to embed our company ethics, giving us a tighter control on the customer journey, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels.

The ‘Principal Designer’ role ensured that we planned the project correctly from the outset – developing the Construction Phase Plan and completing all statutory notifications (inc. HSE F10, liaison with utilities, Planning Permissions, Building Control regulations, and the control of asbestos-containing materials.

school visit westy 2

Above: Our Customer Care Manager, Steve, briefing the children from North Wingfield Primary school on the dangers of active construction sites. 

Flexible Delivery Programme:

Works were sequenced intuitively to minimise resident inconvenience. The pace of delivery, was monitored ‘real-time’ with programme adaptations to suit: For example, whilst the roofing works were given a ‘head start’ on our EWI installation crews, they quickly caught up. We frequently revised the programme frequently to prevent operational bottlenecks.

 Through the community engagement exercise with residents and private owners alike, we captured any issues that the residents had in terms of timing; holidays, shiftwork patterns etc. From this, we were able to effectively build-in flexibility into the delivery programme by retaining a vigilance to the needs of the residents.

 Ultimately, we developed a realistic programme (which, upon reflection, was within 5% tolerance) – allowing us to exceed our client’s expectations of contract duration. Our experience resulted in fewer ‘unforeseens’, and through early coordination, we ensured that the project was not forestalled for need of a key decision. Westdale’s significant experience meant that our delivery timeframe was a fraction of our competitors’ – completing 20 properties per week. This speed of delivery had a positive effect upon minimising resident inconvenience.

 Pilot Scheme:

WSL defined the delivery programme, which delivered 20 EWI installs per week. We included a pilot property, allowing contractors to fully understand & communicate their individual requirements. This facilitated a better mutual understanding between WSL and sub-contractors, making for an efficient and seamless delivery.

Community Engagement:

community engagement

WSL facilitated numerous community engagement events at times convenient to the residents in order to fully brief the community. This had the effect of forewarning private residents, who can often hinder progress without their full buy-in.

 Communications & Marketing Materials:

 A suite of bespoke, user-friendly co-branded marketing material was designed for this project, which included a timeline ‘device’, so that residents could gain a better understanding of the multi-stage installation process.

 For this scheme, Westdale also enacted an operative calling-card system, – our operatives were tasked with introducing themselves – and advising of the purpose of their visit/work. This resulted in any issues being quickly traced back to the individual installation technician and resolved without undue delay.

We also strengthened our response resolution timescales to give greater transparency, based upon a matrix of priority and significance. This resulted in a greater level of trust in our team, and prevented escalation of issues to the client.

Tenant Liaison Service:

We provided a full-time TLO service, who were tasked with visiting residents on a daily basis. We co-branded our vehicles. We also maintained a foothold in these communities using a void property as an Information Centre. The personal approach here proved to be most effective – by visiting the tenants in person, we engendered a level of trust that could not be achieved otherwise. We maintained this contact on a daily basis.

selection pack 2

Above: Emily and Sam, giving out xmas selection boxes in Derbyshire.


Community Engagement:

Westdale hosted a number of community events and worked collaboratively with stakeholders, including the local Primary school and parish council, to deliver a range of community benefits:

Tupton fun day Tupton fun day (68) resized Tupton fun day (43)

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Measures of Success:


The scheme saw Westdale re-affirm our position as market-leaders, having been awarded the accolades of ‘Insulation & Fabric Installer of the Year’ and ‘Best large-scale Project’ at the Yorkshire and Humberside Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards in June 2016.

Client Testimonial:

Graham Wingfield, Rykneld Homes’ Head of Regeneration, commented: “We were impressed by Westdale’s overall control of the scheme. Their speed of response & decision making was refreshing, due mainly to their in-house workforce, and their strong, visible on-site presence. This project shows how community-wide regeneration should be done.”

Resident Testimonials:

“House is nice and warm and we like it now”

“No complaints at all and pleased with the overall appearance of the house.”

“House looks very nice, big improvement to the street”

“Highly satisfied with the work. It is much warmer and has already reduced my bills. The workmen have been very pleasant and worked very hard. I would recommend to family and friends”

“It is brilliant, and what a saving on gas bills! The heat holds in for hours and you still feel warm all day. The look of the properties is excellent and it has made a big improvement to the whole estate. In my opinion there is no way you can improve your brilliant work. I am sure you will have similar feedback from the other tenants and the word around is nothing but praise for your team. Fantastic. Well done Westdale”

“Made a difference to the warmth inside the house. House looks a lot better “

A job well done – THANK YOU”

“Very smart and much warmer. Work team very polite”

“Made a big difference – Thank you”

“The Westdale team were great and they worked very hard. Very pleased and were always there to help you.”

“It feels warmer and looks nice. Gives you more pride in your village.”

“We are very pleased with the work that has been done and it feels warmer. Friends and family have commented on how nice it looks now”

“The whole estate looks a lot better and the house feels warmer. ”

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Westdale Services Ltd have been re-appointed to deliver the next successive phases of regeneration, consisting of 180 properties in the nearby village of Renishaw (currently being delivered at the time of writing)

For further information about this regeneration scheme, please contact Iain Wheeler, Business Development Manager, on 0800 434 6770

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