The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is an incentive opened to a large number of property owners in both England and Wales.  It was first made available in May 2014.

Please take a look at the questions & answers below for further information.


What offer can I receive with GDHIF?

At the last release of GDHIF Customers were able to claim up to £3,750 towards the cost associated with either internal or external solid wall insulation a customer could also claim up to £1,250 as long as they installed at least two eligible energy saving measures from the list.

These measures needed to be recommended on either an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) or a GDAR (Green Deal Advice Report). They were able to claim £100 back for the GDAR

There was also a home buyer bonus available in the case where a customer had bought a home in at least 12 months before an application. This one-off bonus was up to £500.

So the total amount of cash back available to each householder was up-to £5,600.

More information here.

Who can apply?

Any householder situated in either England or Wales who wanted to make an eligible energy saving improvement to their own property. This could include an owner, occupier, landlord or tenant.

What improvements are eligible?

Customers were able to choose either internal or external wall insulation, as well as/or two other improvements out of the following list:

  1. Cavity wall insulation – It was essential that the cavity wall insulation covered 50% of the external wall
  2. Condensing mains gas boiler – There had to be at least one boiler installed
  3. Secondary glazing – It was important that the secondary glazing covered at least 50% of the external windows in the property
  4. Double/triple glazing – It was important that the double/triple covered at least 50% of the windows in the property
  5. Flat roof insulation – It had to insulate the total roof area of the individual property
  6. Replacement warm air unit – There had to be at least one of these units installed
  7. Fan assisted storage heaters – There had to be at least three of these heaters installed
  8. Energy efficient replacement doors –At least two external doors had to have been improved
  9. Floor insulation – At least 50% of the overall ground floor must have been covered
  10. Flue gas heat recovery – There had to be at least one of these installed
  11. Waste water heat recovery – There had to be at least one of these installed
How does the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund work with the Green Deal?

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was designed to work with Green Deal Finance, helping people that may not be able to deal with the upfront costs that occur when installing energy saving improvements on a property.

Westdale Services Limited are one of a very few Companies that offer a one stop shop enabling you to obtain everything required, i.e. EPC, GDAR, finance and final installation of External Wall Insulation within a single Company, however there is no obligation upon you to undertake the installation through Westdale Services, if after having received the EPC, GDAR and GDHIF voucher you decide to use another Green Deal approved installer/provider you are free to do so.

For this reason it is necessary for us to make a small charge towards the costs of undertaking an EPC and GDAR on your property, (£60.00), however if you decided to proceed with works the Government GDHIF would then have reimbursed £100.00 for the service.

Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR)

  • There are 2 stages to a Green Deal Assessment:
  • Firstly an independent home inspection is carried out by a qualified assessor which focuses on the physical structure of the property along with details of the current insulation, glazing and heating facilities. This produces a report showing the current energy efficiency rating expressed as a letter from A to G. It will also show the potential energy efficiency of the property if the insulation and heating etc. was upgraded. (EPC)
  • Secondly, to see how you, as the occupants, actually use the heating and lighting etc. a detailed Green Deal Occupancy survey is carried out. This information is then added to that of the first energy efficiency assessment and a Green Deal Recommendation Report is produced.
  • Average Turnaround Time: 72-144 Hours
  • Appointment Duration: 120 Minutes
Do You Need a GDAR?

You will need a GDAR to obtain access to Green Deal Finance, it also provides access to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund grant, an EPC will not provide access to Green Deal Finance and only to GDHIF if the house is of solid brick construction.

Will the GDHIF and Green Deal Finance cover the cost of the work?

It is unusual for GDHIF and Green Deal Finance to fully cover the cost of the works however they normally contribute a major proportion and any difference can be funded by finance or other means, according to individual customer preference.

What happens if I am not able to get the GDHIF grant?

All Government schemes are subject to change at any time and we are therefore unable to guarantee you that you will receive a grant for any works, until the grant is finally approved by Government, however Westdale Services are industry leaders and have already obtained many hundreds of GDHIF grants on behalf of its customers and have no reason to believe you would not also be successful.

When would I be able to apply for the GDHIF grant?

Whilst the GDHIF grant fund is for many hundreds of millions of pounds it is spread over two years and released at periodic intervals for smaller amounts on a first come, first served basis, the next release was anticipated as June 2015 but the Government delayed release following the election and now quotes early Autumn…..your application cannot be submitted before the funds are allocated by the Government.

Should I leave having a GDAR and getting a quote until then?

No…….The scheme is very popular, released funds were taken quickly previously and only customers in receipt of both a GDAR and quotation at the time of release can be confident of having their application submitted in time before the next fund release again runs out.

We assist by holding any quotation we give now until 6 months after you receive confirmation of your GDHIF grant, this complies both with the scheme conditions and also enables us plenty of time to then get the work done.

What should I do if I want to know more?

If there is anything in this correspondence that you do not understand we recommend you contact us and ask to speak to an assessor who can advise further, otherwise we recommend you contact us to arrange for an assessor to undertake a GDAR on your behalf.