Flood Damage Repairs

The team of skilled tradesmen at Westdale have extensive experience in repairing flood damaged homes.

In the summer of 2007 millions of people across the UK were subjected to the most intense rainfall ever recorded.  The average UK rainfall for the month of June was more than double the amount expected and some areas received the equivalent of more than a month of rainfall in just 24 hours.


The May-June period of 2007 was declared the wettest since records began in 1776.  Regions across the nation were crippled, with the transport network ground to a halt and thousands of towns and villages left without power.

Locally to Westdale’s head office, in Doncaster, thousands of people were rendered homeless overnight and entire communities were driven to makeshift shelters in and around safe areas within their communities.

At this point the team decided to step up and help to right the damage.  We rapidly responded to the calls for help from local residents and got to work salvaging what could be salvaged, repairing what could be repaired and replacing what needed to be replaced.

Initial works consisted of removing any hazardous materials deposited by the flooding and the subsequent removal of any and all damaged elements of the home.  Following this the home is thoroughly dried out and the reinstatement of all the home’s facilities can begin.

Flood damaged home following Westdale rapid response.

Flood damaged home following Westdale rapid response.

Residents were overjoyed with the quality of finish and speed of remedy offered by Westdale, and shortly afterwards many major insurers recommended our quality finish and rapid response.  This resulted in our assistance spreading across Yorkshire and into Humberside.

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Replacement kitchen undergoing finishing touches following extensive flood repair works.

If you are a victim of flooding in your area, don’t hesitate to give one of our friendly and sympatheic advisers a call or contact us to arrange for a visit by one of our local surveyors.  Rest assured we work swiftly and with minimal disruption, ensuring that you are back in your home as soon as possible.