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As the scaffolding comes down on the first few completed apartment blocks in New Inn, we sought feedback from the residents, in order to evaluate our performance – and learn from it!

happy resident Mrs Jones with quote

Mrs Jones commented: The flats look lovely, I’ve noticed how much quitter it is in here now, My relations have said how much better the flats look. It has made this area look so much better, the private houses nearby now look so drab compared to these”.

happy residents2 Mr Olivera with quote

Mr & Mrs Olivera said: “A marvellous job has been done on the flats. We didn’t think the work would have been done so quickly, we are going to miss the contractors being around.

All workmen have been very considerate to our needs and very friendly. The flats don’t look the same, it looks like a new estate. It will make the flats very appealing for new tenants to move into in the future. It’s made a really big change, well done to all”.

happy resident Mr Laurence Connick with quote

Mr Conick, a private resident, was “Completely satisfied with the whole project. Very impressed with all the tradesmen and the customer service that Westdale Services provided. I am wholly convinced that the work has enhanced the properties and their value. It has made it saleable in the future.”

happy resident mrs evans with quote

Mrs Evans was also complimentary: “The heating was put on the other night for less than an hour and I had to turn it off as I was too hot. I have always noticed a chill in this ground floor flat but since the insulation has been put on, nothing. Bedroom was the worst for chill and the mould I had behind the wardrobe and in the hall was terrible. I’ve now re decorated inside. No draft through my windows anymore, curtains don’t blow, new windows look great.

All workmen have been excellent, no other words for it. So accommodating for individual’s needs, I can’t fault the work that has been done here. I suffer from arthritis so I am looking forward to a warmer winter inside my flat with hopefully less pain.

It’s a joy to drive up the road now, it was so dowdy before, the block of flats looked awful with all that algae on the outside. 100% better looking now, my grandson who is twelve said WOW first time he saw the flat.

I have watched every stage of the renovation works and found it fascinating. You have done exactly what was explained to me at the first meeting at the community hall”.

These comments reinforce just how proud we are of our Welsh division!

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