Liverpool Mutual Homes & Private CESP (Inc. Structural EWI)

Client:- Liverpool Mutual Homes & private Owners
Funder:- EDF Energy
No. of Units:- 1900
Period:- 3 Years
Value:- Circa £19m
EWI Specification:- Structherm structural EWI system & non-structural EPS system

Phase 1 of the project was part funded by EDF Energy under the CESP funding stream.  The contract contained LMH housing stock that required a structural render system.

Structural render systems are incredibly specialised and consist of ‘usual’ EPS insulation boards encased in stainless steel cages.  The stainless steel also runs through the board and when the render is applied and allowed to cure a rigid, reinforced, insulated panel is formed.

The original programme for the scheme consisted of ten properties per week; Westdale modified the programme and accelerated to a rate far higher than this during the summer months to compensate for the potential weather deterioration during the winter months. The result of this was delivery on time and on budget, and a happy client.

Phase 2 of the project consisted of private property and was the result of a three-way partnership between Westdale, EDF Energy and Liverpool Mutual Homes.  The framework resulted in funding being obtained for a further 900 properties, all of which were privately owned and fully funded based on the success of phase 1 of the works.

The magnitude and success of the scheme lead to the opening of the Westdale North West division with local staff & operatives employed full time.  Premises were procured, a customer liaison team recruited and works continue to this day on private Green Deal schemes and main contracts throughout Merseyside.

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