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At Westdale, we are passionate about saving energy, but equally so about reducing fuel poverty, and changing the life opportunities of those residents (whether they commission installations directly, or whether their Landlord does so on their behalf.)

There is much reticence about the levels of technical failures of ‘cowboy’ crews who have been cashing in on the previous GDHIF voucher scheme. This has not helped the reputation of an industry who is being affected by client rent reductions, and ECO funding uncertainty.

On that note, we felt it worth showing you some images that were commissioned by IRT surveys Ltd on behalf of our Housing Association client in Derbyshire. The side-by-side imagery shows that our EWI systems are installed with impeccable attention to detail (but also shows how thermally inefficient many solid-walled homes are). Our EPCs show that significant savings will be made on fuel bills, with corresponding improvements to thermal comfort too. We are proud of our high-quality installations.

As we near completion of a community-wide regeneration scheme consisting of 330 homes, it is worth reflecting on many of the positive comments that we have received: Praise due to our technicians’ ability to work respectfully, quietly and efficiently around people’s homes.

We reinforced our installation work with behavioural-change ‘nudges’, and also by engaging with the local primary schools regarding climate change issues. It was both fantastic and refreshing to see that environmental matters are held in such high regard by today’s youth!

What also gets us out of bed in the morning is the level of uplift and aesthetic enhancement that we have achieved in some fairly neglected communities where fuel poverty runs far too high. I bet they are warmer now, thanks to us – and our client’s ambition.


Thanks to IRT surveys and Alumasc Facades for their support on this regeneration project.

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