Bike Ride Success for Way of the Roses Charity Team

You may have read on Friday’s post that some of our guys and friends had embarked on a cross-country cycle ride for the Prostate Cancer UK charity.

At approximately 16:30 on Sunday all 21 riders arrived together at the end of the published route for photos, medal presentation and for some of the guys, ice cream.

There was no blood shed (though Ryan Rhodes managed to fall off four times, once into nettles!), no quitters and by the looks of it, not too much exhaustion!

The atmosphere in Bridlington was electric and the riders were all ecstatic with their achievements.  So much so that another ride is being organised for next year, with even more volunteers!

The full team in Bridlington where the sun shone for their arrival.

The full team in Bridlington where the sun shone for their arrival.

Allan Bishop, Director at Westdale, said: “As a non-serious cyclist this proved to be one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted.  I’m glad I took part though as the ride, whilst challenging, was exhilarating and we had a lot of laughs along the way.  I’d like to give a huge thank you to all the sponsors and particularly our accommodation providers along the way, who couldn’t do enough for us.  We’re looking forward to next year’s ride and hope the support is as good as, if not better than this year’s.”

Allan is particularly proud of his achievement, as many years of working in the rendering trade resulted in him having steel knee replacements.


The team at Westdale would like to take this opportunity to offer congratulations and a pat on the back to all participants, listed below:

  • Darren Barnett
  • Allan Bishop
  • Lee Bishop
  • Kev Chesman
  • Dave Drakeley
  • Eppie Blue Fixton
  • Archie Hall
  • Craig Hall
  • Gavin Hanlow
  • Nick Hutson
  • Shaun Kerry
  • Paul Law
  • Warren Nilburn
  • Luke Patterson
  • Ryan Rhodes
  • Pete Roebuck
  • Andrew Shaw
  • Anthony Shaw
  • Darren Shaw
  • Di Shaw
  • Louise Smith
  • Paul Smith
  • Craig Stimson
  • Chris Taylor
  • Andrew Worthington

Donations through JustGiving smashed the target, with a total to date of £2,600.  Other donations were made through cash contributions taking the total raised to over £5000.  A great success!

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