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Ok, so I don’t manage to get out into the real world as often as I’d like. Yesterday was a great opportunity for me to see our regeneration scheme progressing into its third phase in the former mining communities of NE Derbyshire.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a massive priority for us. But often, cajoling residents to complete paperwork can be a challenge. Our solution to this is to run a prize draw. In this instance, Mrs Blakemore was the happy recipient of a £50 voucher (which is exactly £49 more than I’ve ever won in my life!)

We were also given the opportunity to interview her to ‘flush-out’ more detail on her experience of the customer journey, and (thankfully!) she had nothing but praise:

“I am overwhelmed with the professionalism, friendliness and politeness of all the staff who have worked on my home. They have been extremely courteous and thoughtful, even ensuring my two dogs were considered.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the teams involved. You’ve made a huge difference to our homes. Everybody’s really happy. Everybody has commented on how well it was done, how efficiently it was delivered, and how good the workgroups were.

…The estate it looks so much tidier, and because such a lot of effort has gone in, people have got a fresh starting point, and I’m sure they will keep it looking good.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak at a conference organised by Salford University, where I made the re-iteration between housing (eco) regeneration and wider social outcomes – educational attainment, reduced NHS burdens/clinical admissions, reductions in depression and mental illness.  I stressed the importance of partnership working between health practitioners and housing providers. OK, so this often doesn’t happen in reality, but our residents here in Derbyshire certainly seem more upbeat, happier, warmer, and with a stronger sense of wellbeing and community pride – all due to little stuff like insulation. Crazy, ain’t it?

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