Yorkshire Green Deal Schemes

Client:- Private Owners
Funder:- Energy Companies Obligation/Green Deal Finance/Cashback/HIF
No. of Units:- 350+
Period:- May 2013 - Present
Value:- Circa £2.5m to date
EWI Specification:- Alumasc External Wall Insulation System

Green-Deal_Provider_RGBFollowing the relaxation of the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) in 2013, Westdale promptly reimagined their business model and re-emerged in the solid wall insulation market as the UK's premier Green Deal provider.  For a long while, Westdale were the only players in the field and had more Green Deal applications than any other certified Green Deal provider, across all sectors.  We are no longer sure if this is still the case, however the volume is still sufficient enough to keep a whole team of Green Deal Assessors and Surveyors working flat-out to deliver.

It is commonplace across the construction industry to believe that working for the general public - on their own homes - is the toughest type of scheme and the homeowner is the toughest client.  At Westdale, we strive to provide the ultimate service - a service where the product quality and workmanship is second to none.  We believe this ethos is what keeps the customers coming in and the Green Deals flowing.

Many of the completed properties have been completed through the Green Deal Cash Back scheme and the subsequent Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) schemes.  These schemes allow part funding of anything up to 75% of the EWI cost to the homeowner.  In many of these instances the property may not have met the Green Deal's 'Golden Rule'.  In such cases and on many occasions the homeowner has contributed via their own, personal funds to have the works completed.

Westdale Services believe that their product is something that no other company can replicate.  Our render finishes are of such uncommon and well-disguised finishes that in many cases buildings look like new builds or sand-blasted refurbishments, not externally insulated & rendered dwellings.  Such a dramatic finish sells the product - not necessarily the insulation.

In addition to the standard of works provided to private homeowners, Westdale have a close relationship with Doncaster Council, ensuring that the streets and general population are happy with the works and standards employed are exemplary.  Westdale have also worked directly for Doncaster Council on their own housing stock.

Below: An example property before and after treatment.  This particular property was part funded by the GDHIF, part Green Deal and part via the homeowner's own funds.



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